Saints and Blasters Assist Program

April 21, 2020

I would like to announce a new club initiative, the Saints and Blasters Assist program.

It is about how the Club members can help out each other. There will be some who cannot work at present and there are definitely a lot of Juniors (my guess is close to 100%) who cannot attend school. There are older members within families who may not be able to attend to all the things they would like.

Maybe you are a Senior player who is off work temporarily (or on reduced hours) and you can offer some school mentoring to some Blasters whose parent(s) may need a chop out with home schooling. Maybe you are a fit young Blaster who can help out a more senior member of the club with some sort of non-contact-required chore.

Or maybe we can help out a community organisation.

Perhaps it’s just a phone call to see how someone else is holding up.

What any one person might need or might be able to offer will be up the individual. It could help fill in some spare time for some, and help others who might be struggling.

I know this might all sound a bit Age of Aquarius, but if we can help each other out, or at least be available to, it can only strengthen the ties that bind and what our Club stands for.

If you can offer or if you do need, you have many methods of letting us know.

  1. Go to this link and fill in the form.
  2. Leave a comment on Facebook.
  3. Call / send Gav a message (0488 900 339) or email (

You can view what has been offered or your call for help at this Google Sheet.

Otherwise, hang in there until the much vaunted “new normal” arrives.

Go Saints! Go Blasters!



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