The Balwyn Blasters Junior CC Maldives Raffle

February 1, 2020

It’s back! The Greatest Raffle in the Known World

The Balwyn Blasters Junior CC Maldives Raffle.

Just $5 a ticket…you know you want to.

1st Prize: 7 Nights at the Meeru Island Resort, including airfares, accommodation, food and drinks. Valued at over $12,000

2nd Prize: Dual zone fridge/freezer Esky valued at $1,300. Donated by Roma Caravans
3rd Prize: $500 Voucher at Tower Dental, the leading dentists in the eastern suburbs
4th Prize $250 Voucher at The Harp of Erin Hotel
5th Prize: $125 Voucher at M.O.B. Cafe donated by Serge Moussi

Can you all please do your club a simple favour? Google images of Meeru Island Resort, pick a pic that takes your fancy, and post it on your Facebook page with a simple lead-in. If you want, just copy and paste the above details.

The person who sells the most tickets will be considered a really top person.

See President Gav for more details and to buy and sell tickets.

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