NBCCC and StBCC Merge Update

April 20, 2019

St. Barnabas CC held their AGM on Wednesday just gone and voted on the resolution to join with us.  They received a positive response, passing with 48-2!  With our result, this means that North Balwyn Combined and St. Barnabas CCs will cease, but as of Season 2019-20, we will be taking the field as the Balwyn Saints.  Gavin Collopy of StBCC said, “We think this is an enormously positive step for both clubs as we will shore up the near, medium and long term future of not only the seniors but the Balwyn Blasters as well.  This was based on the social camaraderie in the past, the familiarity stemming from many years of playing against each other, and, importantly, the respect shown throughout the past 12 months as we have considered this outcome.”  The history of each club, along with Life Memberships etc will be preserved in the new club.  There is a lot to do, but there will be further updates over the coming months.  It is suffice to say that the Committees of both clubs will meet in the near term and the broad outlook will be for a social event/s and then an inaugural AGM.

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